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You have prepared him well for Kindergarten and we thank you very much for all you have done.


We are so fortunate to have my grandson, Phoenix at As I Grow.  We get sooo many compliments on his manners and how broad his education is - all thanks to them.  He knows planets, math concepts, basic reading, sounds, etc. and is super ready for kindergarten this August.  We will be very sad to leave; but rest assured, you could not pick a better "school" for your child.  A huge thanks to ELVIE & JOEL!




Luckily we found As I Grow and the transition was seamless and tear free...


We looooooooove Elvie and Joels.  We moved to the Valley from Culver City and were heart broken to leave our daycare situation.  Luckily we found As I Grow and the transition was seamless and tear free.  Our son Anders was instantly comfortable, happy to play with the other children and loves Elvie and Joel.  When we were looking for day care we wanted a home care because we felt at day care centers he just wouldn't get enough attention, and it was too much school not enough play.  But at the same time after we visited a number of home cares we realized we wanted more structure than none at all.  Enter Elvie and Joels.  First of all its a located in their duplex which means the entire front building is dedicated to the kids. No stuff for the kids to ruin, and none of that awkwardness of unleashing your child on someone else's house.  But its still a house, so its warm and comfortable for a small group of children.  Its also very clean.  It drives me nuts when I visited other places and it was dirty or grimy or cluttered with toys.  They have a plethora of toys and activities but not too many, and its all nicely organized.  You can tell they really care about the state of the place.  They also have more organized fun!  So its like a daycare center in someones home.  Its the best of both worlds for us.  Also because its a home care all the kids are together.  My youngest son is 6 months and started there at 3 months and I love that he gets to see and play with the other kids.  He gets to learn from watching them, and they loves to interact with the babies.  I also love that every so often Elvie sends me text message pictures!  Especially on my newborns first day, letting me know that he was happy and enjoying his time there!  My kids are happy, healthy and well taken care of at As I Grow and I would recommend them to anyone.




They are very straightforward and transparent on all things...

As I Grow Daycare became my son's second home. From the day my husband and I met Elvie and Joel we knew he would be in

a safe, caring, nurturing environment. I never once felt uneasy leaving him to go to work. Elvie kept me well informed of his

activities throughout the day and sent pictures on occasions too. As parents themselves, they offer plenty of knowledge and resources when you have questions. They are very straightforward and transparent on all things. My son went here from

6 months to 2 years. We only left because I moved jobs. It was a very heart breaking for my son to leave Elvie, Joel, Cindy, and

all the friends he made. This is a great place for kids and if I hadn't moved we'd still be there.



My daughter loves it so much, she doesn't want to leave...

What a happy and friendly place for kids! We love As I Grow day care, they become our family. This place is very nice and clean, they truly love and take good care of kids. My daughter loves it so much, she doesn't want to leave when it's a time to go home. There are a lot of activities and kids party going on at this wonderful daycare.



While I'm at work I don't have to worry about what my son is up to.

We love "As I Grow", Elvie and Joel are wonderful. Our son started coming here about five months ago and he's learned so much since he started. The facility is very clean, I love all the projects they do and how attentive they are. Our son loves it here and I'm glad while I'm at work I don't have to worry about what my son is up to.



From the moment we walked into As I Grow


From the moment we walked into As I Grow, we felt the family values, love of children and kindness permeate the tour of their clean and warm facility.  Elvie and Joel have established a program that nurtures children, builds pre-learning skills, teaches love and kindness in a safe and caring environment.  Both my girls graduated from their program.  My youngest started at 3 months.  Both loved their time at As I Grow, love Elvie and Joel, and love all their friends.  They learned good manners, came home with great art projects, learned so much... Our family is eternally grateful for all As I Grow has done for our girls and our family.  As a family of 2 full time working parents, As I Grow partnered with us, so that our girls always had a home to be at, with people who cared and loved them.  Thank you! We would highly recommend As I Grow Daycare.






I knew that he was going to a safe and loving environment which put me very much at ease.


As I Grow Daycare is a wonderful daycare that I highly recommend. Joel and Elvie provide a fun, loving, caring and nurturing environment for the kids. I checked out a handful of home daycares before selecting As I Grow Daycare, none of the others compare. The overall environment of the daycare is wonderful, it’s very clean, lots of activities for the kids to do, even an outside play area. 


My son Jake started at the age of one. He settled in very quickly which made the transition from being at home with mom to going to daycare quite easy. I am forever grateful to Joel and Elvie for all of their love and support they have provided to Jake and to me. As a first time parent it can be very nerve-wracking to leave your child however Joel and Elvie are two of the most wonderful people I know and it allowed me to leave Jake in their care without any worry.


As I Grow Daycare became Jake’s 2nd home where he attended full-time-5 days a week. Jake always enjoyed going to daycare, he enjoyed all of the new friends that he met. We’ve established friendships from the daycare whereas some of us parents get our kids together for a playdate on the weekends. 


Jake has learned a lot while attending As I Grow and I cannot thank Joel and Elvie enough for this. His speech developed so quickly with the help of Joel and Elvie working with him. I am so appreciative of the skills Jake has learned over the time in which he’s been in the daycare. He has been learning the alphabet, counting, learning color, shapes and sizes, identifying animals and their sounds, learning to write his name, identifying letters and many other skills.


I know that I never had to worry about Jake once I dropped him off at daycare. I knew that he was going to a safe and loving environment which put me very much at ease. I was always grateful when Elvie would send random picture messages to me just to show me that Jake was happy and having a good time.


If you are looking for a wonderful daycare where your child will be looked after in the best environment possible, I highly recommend As I Grow Daycare. They are top-notch and Joel and Elvie are great providers to children. Overall, I have seen that all the kids are always happy and they enjoying attending the daycare.





A loving, caring, and fun place for your child!  This is no ordinary day care!

My son Eli started going here when he was little over 2 years old and has been here for 2 years now. We are so happy with As I Grow!. We came to Joel and Elvie (husband and wife owners) after a pretty traumatic experience at a large child care facility in Woodland Hills, where Eli was sick pretty much every week (5 ear infections, pink eye, croup twice) and it was implied by the owner of the day care that Eli just had a 'weaker than normal' immune system. After pulling him out of that situation, I searched all over Woodland Hills for the right childcare situation - looking at various home day cares and larger facilities. After meeting Elvie and Joel, and checking out the place  (they have a duplex situation where the front house is dedicated to the child care - so their living situation is completely separate from the business) and seeing how clean and organized it is, I decided to enroll Eli. It was such a great decision. Eli has hardly been sick since he has been there and he does not have 'weaker than normal' immune system. I have since had a second child and he started As I Grow at 4 months - he is now 1 year old and has not experienced any major illnesses  during this past winter, which I was bracing to handle. It was SO nice not to be sick all the time.

In addition, Elvie is a former preschool teacher and structures the day care like others pre-school day cares, with includes circle time, art projects, songs and dance. She also is very good at working with you to handle whatever phase (aka challenging behavior)  that your child is going through, including hitting, biting, whining, waking up the household at the crack of dawn, etc. Elvie will spend the time talking to you about whatever situation it is and works with you to help adjust the behavior your child is demonstrating. I have found her to be a valuable and caring resource and it's evident that both my children are in a very loving and supportive environment. 

Lastly, because it is a smaller environment (14 maximum children), not only will your child develop some great friendships, you will meet some great parents and create a community around the Woodland Hills area with families who have children all around the same age. We all go to each others' birthday parties, including Elvie and Joel, and I have made some great friendships!

Both my children love As I Grow and are so happy there! If you are looking for a great child care situation, this is the place to be!







We love As I Grow daycare...


We love As I Grow daycare and have sent both of our children there. They are wonderful with infants as well as toddlers and preschoolers. Each child is beyond a doubt loved and learning each day. Both our son and daughter have loved going to see

Elvie and Joel. They are positive, happy and caring everyday and are now a part of our family. Our kids have gotten a great

start and if I can't be home with them I think that As I Grow is the place to be!







Highly recommended to all parents ...


Our son has been in As I Grow Daycare since he was 1 year old... He is now 4.  We don't know what would have done without Joel and Elvie along the way.  Let's face it.... They see Alex more than we do.  They have helped mold him into the smart, funny, and lovely little boy he is today.

Alex starts his preschool about two weeks ago, and his preschool teacher told me: "I think you and your husband did a great job, Alex has great manner, he is very kind to other kids in the class, he always help others, and participated in the class."  Honestly, my husband and I cannot take the credit.  Joel and Elvie you guys taught and trained Alex, and helped him to build solid foundation.  We just want to say thank you for all that you do.  You will always have a special place in our heart.

Highly recommended to all parents who want their kids to stay healthy, feel loved, and be well prepared for the next phase of their life.







We have been so happy with our choice of As I Grow.



Our daughter, Dahlia has been in the care of Joel and Elvie since she was eight months old, and we are so pleased that we chose to send her to As I Grow.  


Finding quality day care in the West San Fernando Valley can be very difficult--it seems like many parents either stay-at-home or hire a nanny for their little ones.  The places we looked at before finding As I Grow were large centers that seemed like a corporation where you were dropping off your child or tiny, poorly lit homes with a caregiver and a pile of toys.  


As I Grow has the best of all worlds--a homey atmosphere without it seeming like your child is intruding into someone else's living room.  The care Dahlia has received has been top notch.  She loves going to school and has never once cried or even whimpered at drop-off.  She has a great day playing with her little friends.  And with ten or so kids, it's not so small that she gets tired of her playmates.  


As I Grow is also super-clean--Dahlia hasn't gotten sick in the past 8 months which parents of small children know is no small accomplishment.  Joel, Elvie and their assistant are so generous with their care that Dahlia has thrived.  She is a secure kid who knows her needs will be met with patience and love.  She has learned how to play independently and socialize with kids from babies to Pre-K's with enthusiasm.


Joel, Elvie and their assistant have helped foster a love of school in Dahlia (one that I hope will continue in all her educational endeavors).  She looks forward to playing with cars, dressing up, pretending in the play kitchen, putting on a puppet show, building "castles" with blocks and singing in circle time.  


We have been so happy with our choice of As I Grow.







We can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for Ben and our family. 


To Elvie & Joel,


We can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for Ben and our family.  It has been Ben’s home away from home for the past 4 years.  You have been like family and we considered ourselves extremely lucky to have found you to care for our son.  This is bitter sweet as Ben is moving on to Kindergarten and leaving the place he loves.  We are forever grateful to you both!  We will miss you both, your assistant and the kids very much.  


To those seeking the best genuine care for your little ones, you have come to the right place.  My husband and I truly love As I Grow Daycare and would highly recommend them.  Our son Ben started when he was 1 year old and now he’s 5 and moving on to Kindergarten.  Elvie & Joel are the most loving, caring and nurturing people we know.  As first time parents, we were really nervous leaving Ben but after meeting Elvie & Joel and saw the clean, safe, fun and loving environment there was no other place for our son but As I Grow Daycare.  We felt great knowing our son was safe, loved and in good hands.  Not only are Elvie & Joel wonderful care takers but also great teachers.  Ben has learned so much under their pre-school curriculum to prepare him for the next phase of his life, Kindergarten. 


A big THANK YOU to Elvie & Joel! 


We hope you continue to provide your exceptional care as families like us will need you!   


Love you guys! 

The Lau Family








Sending my child to As I Grow was the best decision I made as a new mother.  


No one can love your child the way you do but Elvie, Joel and their assistant came pretty close.  I always felt safe dropping my son off and knew he was in great care. My son absolutely loved going to As I Grow and I highly recommend this Daycare to anyone looking for a safe, clean, gentle and loving environment.  As I Grow gave my child a great start and we will never forget about the amazing experience they gave us.









We were so incredibly fortunate to have found your daycare last year!  


Elvie & Joel,

We were so incredibly fortunate to have found your daycare last year! You and the kids have played such an important part in our daughters life! Having no family has been a challenge for us all-but having the love, teachings, support and genuine care from you both has been a true blessing! Our daughter loves you both SO MUCH- sometimes more than her own parents I think..lol. Thank you for everything!  If you're ever in Virgina we would love to see you and if you need anything, we would love to help any way we could. Keep in touch and THANK YOU!!



Kim and Javier






To Whom It May Concern:


When we brought out daughter to As I Grow we were coming off of an unpleasant experience with another daycare.  In looking for a new place we were finding that the larger pre-schools felt too institutional, and the home daycares mostly felt like glorified babysitting, that lacked much in the way of developmental training and education.  Upon a glowing recommendation from an acquaintance we checked out As I Grow, and immediately knew we’d found the right place. Our daughter has received the type nurturing care you would expect from a close family member, along with developmental education that you’d expect from a teacher.


Our experience with Elvie, and Joel exceeded all of our expectations, and our daughter truly thrived under their care.  Turning the most important thing in our world over to someone else to care for is a daunting proposition, but we could not have been more comfortable sending our daughter to As I Grow each day.  We knew she was treated with the love and care that a family member would get, and As I Grow became a part of our family as well.

We were genuinely heart broken when it came time for our daughter to go to another school, and can not recommend As I Grow highly enough to any parents considering placing their children there.   


Forever Grateful Parents,

Matthew and Kim 






Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I can't say it enough... 


It has truly been a pleasure to send Ethan to As I Grow Daycare every day. Elvie, Joel are so caring and engaged with the kids. I am always so impressed and appreciative of the detailed updates I get of Ethan’s day.


Ethan has been with Elvie and Joel since he was about 4 months old and I know he loves it. When I pick him up he is always busy playing with something or someone and I have to tear him away. What could be a better sign that he enjoys his time there? I have picked him up at all times of the day and the place is always so clean and organized that I’ve never worried about Ethan’s safety. I know that he is in good hands.


They have always made us feel so welcome and comfortable and even let me ask my litany of questions if something new comes up in Ethan’s development.


Elvie is so flexible and nurturing that even when Ethan doesn’t nap or is super picky with food she has different techniques to try. Also,we are forever grateful for all the pictures we get of Ethan having a grand ol' time with all his friends at Daycare! I highly recommend As I Grow to anyone looking for a great daycare.


We are happy to speak to anyone considering As I Grow Daycare.


Shani and Clint





To Whom It May Concern:


Our son and daughter have attended As I Grow Daycare for the past three years. Jack started when he was one and Grace, our youngest, started when she was just four months old. We were a bit nervous about leaving such a young child at a daycare, but with Elvie, Joel and their assistant we felt like we were leaving our baby with a close family member. The environment at As I Grow is extremely loving and nurturing.


Elvie, Joel are great with the children and we have seen each of our kids grow tremendously under their guidance. Time and time again people express how impressed they are with Jack’s listening and communication skills. We would love to take the credit but it is truly owed to As I Grow and their amazing gift of teaching life skills to young children.


As with any parent, we have had our ups and downs in the discipline area and Elvie and Joel are always available to talk through whatever issues we may be facing. From sleep issues to potty training, Elvie and Joel offer great advice and support.

We feel extremely blessed to have had our children experience As I Grow Daycare and we would highly recommend them to any family looking for a loving and nurturing environment to place their child in. 


We can’t thank Elvie and Joel enough for all they have done, they are simply amazing!


With Love, 

Molly and Allen





You've made and impact on our Family ...


Just to be clear, you have done an amazing job co-raising our child.  She would not be the bright, spirited, confident child she is today without each of you.  We've shared our positive experiences with many of our friends and could not imagine the first two years of her life another way.  You've truly made an impact on our family and we hope to continue to keep in touch.   


All our best,

The Jasper Family





Ray has always felt completely safe and secure in Elvie & Joel's care ...


To whom this may concern,


My husband and I began looking for full time childcare while I was pregnant with my first son and found As I Grow Daycare while on an errand. It is conveniently located to Warner Center, where I worked at the time. We met with Joel & Elvie for a tour and were immediately impressed. Elvie's knowledge and background in childcare was evident from the beginning. We were particularly happy with the fact that As I Grow is family run and the same three people, Elvie, Joel and their assistant, would be with our son daily. There was not a different staff on different days typically found with most of the larger, chain daycare providers. Elvie & Joel kept us apprised of availability throughout my pregnancy and when I had to return to work, they had a spot available for my three-month-old son Ray.

Ray has always felt completely safe and secure in Elvie & Joel's care. He did not seem to experience any separation anxiety. I was provided with a daily report indicating nap, sleep and diaper occurrences. As first time parents, it was a dream to have such experienced child care providers available to answer questions daily. As Ray grew and we added our second son Jack to the family, Elvie & Joel were instrumental in helping us prepare for what Ray may experience throughout the process. They gave us pointers on how to tell Ray about the upcoming addition and the best way to introduce them in the hospital. It was a seamless transition.

Ray is now almost two and a half years old and we are so impressed with everything he has learned at As I Grow. Friends and family members are constantly commenting on how smart he is. We explain that as much as we would love to take credit, it has to be given to As I Grow. Since all of the children play and learn together in the same area, you'll find that your child learns much more quickly than children in centers where they are separated by age. This was particularly important when we had a second child. Ray was already used to being around babies and younger children and was very affectionate and helpful with Jack. In addition, we feel much more comfortable knowing our children are playing together throughout the day. We loved the idea that Ray was available to "show Jack the ropes" on his first day at As I Grow.

We cannot recommend As I Grow enough. The only complaint I have is that I sometimes notice Ray listens to Elvie's instructions more than he listens to my own. Even then, I am able to watch Elvie's actions and use that same technique at home. It is not easy leaving your children in the care of other people for so many hours a day. As much as parents hate to admit it, it is also not easy to watch your children give so much love to another parental figure. The way I see it, the more love my children can receive, the better. While As I Grow is a business, it is not hard to see that Elvie, Joel genuinely love and care about my children. I feel so blessed to have them in their care.

While I currently am out of work and have to have the children at home with me, I am hoping to be able to enroll them at As I Grow again as soon as I am working again. I am so happy with the care they receive that I am specifically giving more consideration to jobs in the Warner Center area in order have my children with Elvie & Joel. My husband echoes all of the above sentiments. When grandparents or aunts pick up the kids for us, they all comment on how loving the environment at As I Grow is. I'm sure you will feel the same way.

Feel free to call me with any questions. I am happy to speak to you further regarding As I Grow.

Thank you






Thank you so much for taking such good care of our daughter ...


She has grown so much at As I Grow Daycare. We feel lucky that she had you both at such an importantdevelopmental time of her life. In the time that she was with you, she learned so many wonderful things! She loved singing songs, learning to recognize her letters and the letter sounds, coloring, doing yoga, taking walks, reading books, and learning how to share and be kind to her friends. In addition, the amout of time that you engaged in meaningful converations with her on a daily basis in both English and Spanish has helped her demonstrate advanced verbal skills for a three year old.

As with our first daughter, Caly, (who atteded As I Grow Daycare five years ago). People are always impressed with Quinn's advanced skills, both academically and socially. We would love to take all the credit for this, however, we are quite certain we owe that to you! You have given both or our girls such a strong foundation for learning and most importantly, for loving to learn!

As Quinn moves on to further her development and education, we are eternally freateul to all of you at As I Grow Daycare for caring for her so lovingly and safely. We never had ato worry about her for a moment when she was with you. None of us will ever forget you. Our girls will be coming to visit you for many, many years to come. And if ever by some miracle we have a third child, we will be calling you to reserve a spot!


Clay and Kady





Thank You for Welcoming us into your Extended Family ....


Thank you so much for welcoming us into your extended family! You have provided the most caring, loving and nurturing atmosphere for my children, Natalie and Harrison- for over 5 years! They have both learned so much and had wonderful times playing, creating beautiful artwork and exploring outdoors. You have provided a positive daily experience for my children and for that I will always be greateful. You are irreplaceable.

It is so rare to find a caring, dependable (and clean!) child care provider that values each child as their own. Thank you for greeting my children everyday with a smile and a big hug. Natalie and Harrison always looked forward to seeing you each day. Natalie still tells me today that she wishes she could stay with you raher than go to grade school! The impact your family has had on us has been wonderful and immeasurable, I honestly don't know what we would have done without you both. There is no other place like As I Grow Daycare! I have and will continue to recommend you because you are truly the best.

With Warmest Regards and Lots of Love,

Nicole and Steve





It has been the Perfect Cozy Daycare for Him...


I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been bringing Wesley to "As I Grow Daycare". It has been the perfect cozy daycare for him. My feelings have been my baromoeter and I have always felt good about dropping him off to you in the morning to what I knwe was warm, loving. safe & nurturing environment. My other barometer is non other than little Wesley himself--and well, you know--he is happy smiley kid who is curious and wants to have fun! He was always happy and joyful to come and speaks of "Elvie" , "Joel" and "Elvie and Joel" at home and when we pass the corner of Ventura & Canoga in the car. When we read "Brown Bear" at night before bedtime, he says "Teacher like Elvie". He also speaks of the other children and has made some nice friends. Wesley is a happy, unrestrained child and likes to have fun and I credit your care and the environment you have created in part to his pleasant disposition. If I hadn't found you, it could have been different, and he might not be as cheerful as he is.

I also appreciate the variety of activities you have for the children, I think the morning walks are fantastic and not many places would take the trouble to get a dozen little ones out the way you do. I love the artwork that he brings home and know he has had fun dabling with paint and sparkly stuff. You make the holidays and special times fun for the kids and they learn the joy of celebration. Most of all, your big hugs have shown him love & affectionand have mde him feel secure, and of course, he will pass that on to others. In a nutshell, you have been wonderful and a blessing an not a day has gone by where we have not been in great appreciation for your loving daycare. "Hats Off" to you with all your thoughtfullness & Kindness!

All our Love,

Victoria and Max

P.S. please feel free to have prospective parents contact us if they want a reference.





You have made so many special memories with me ....


Dear Joel & Elvie

When I first came to As I Grow, it was a little scary .... I had not yet learned to walk on my own, nor talk much. My Mommy & Daddy were feeling nervous leaving me too. Although they felt the up most confidence that I was in the best of hands with the both of you and would undoubtedly be receiving an enourmous amount of love and attention.

With your encourgement and guidance, over flowing love and support, with in a few months I was walking & off to the races with all the other kids. I soon made new friends and looked forward to coming to your home each day to learn and play. (And of course eat the yummiest food cooked by Joel!!! Muy Delicioso!)

During my three years at As I Grow, I have achieved many milestones and accomplished things I thougt I never could do, thanks to you both. You have helped me develop into the big boy I am growing up to be, and words cannot express my gratitude.

As I leave As I Grow, I know this is not goodbye... I will be back to visit!!!! (Please let me know when your Gardenia flowers grow so I can pick some for my Mommy :)

We are family, and you have made so many special memories with me, my Mommy, Daddy & Brother, that we will never forget.

Thank you for taking such good care of me, teaching me, playing with me, encouraging me and loving me.

I truly am lucky and blessed to have you in my life! :)

Hugs and Kisses form the Schmidt Family





You have become such an important part of our lives...


Dear Elvie and Joel:

Just a note to tell you how hapy we are that we have had Bryce in your care for the past two years. You have become such an important part of our lives. Bryce has grown in ways unimaginable and we know its due in part to your loving, narturing, and constant affections for him. He is such a happy and well-adjusted boy! He loves his friends that have been with you for a long time. It's a wonderful community that you provide for us everyday and we are more than grateful. We honor the responsibilies that you have instilled in him at such an early age. He loves to play cleanup and enjoys books, coloring, trains, music, basketball, and the other children so much. You also provide toys and interactions appropriate for his age. We love the creativity of the blocks, circle time, play kitchen area, race car area, outside play and dress-up times. Friday freeze dance is also a highlight along with the daily walks. The cleanliness and home cooked measl are delightful.

When we pick up Bryce, our older son runs to the door to greet Bryce to find all the children laughing and playing and enjoying life.. even at the end of a long day! Our older son joins in the fun and he really loves it! Bryce has been with you for so many milestones. When he took his first steps in your care, you were right there filming it and burning it on a disc so we could capture the memory forever. We love the pictures and special thoughtful things you do and say. As if this isn't enough, we are so proud of Bryce holding a pencil correctly at such an early age and really trying to express himself through words- his most recent milestones! This letter can't possibly sharewhat you mean to us, but we do want you to know that you are a part of our family.

Please feel free to use us as as reference.

You deserve wonderful children in your care and anything we can do to help you continue to be successful, we will.

Thank you!

Love the Eddys





A Positive and Wonderful Experience ...


Our Experience with As I Grow Daycare has been positive and wonderful. Our son was 5 1/2 months old and as first time parents we wanted to make sure to find someone just perfect for him. It was important that he was in a safe and loving environment that we could trust and feel good about the time he would be spending there.

We were lucky that a friend referred us to Elvie and Joel and after meeting them and seeing the daycare, we know we made the best choice for him and for us. They have been so very loving and caring about him, it was like having our child spending time with family that we like. We could see how much fun he had participating in the activities, learning, and establishing close relationships with everyone there.

As result of the experience our son has had at As I Grow Daycare, we can see how secure and responsive he is with other children and people. It has been a very positive experience for him and as anxious parents, it turned out to be very positive for us too.

Tim and Karla





His experience will last a lifetime ...


To As I Grow Daycare

Charles and I wanted to express how happy we are to have had our son in your care. Since he attended your daycare, I would say that he has changed dramatically and his personality came out immensely. We noticed that he has such a happy spirit and he loves to play and entertain the other kids.

The environment is very clean, safe and there is so much care and attention given to every child at the center.

Thank you fof the experiences you have given him, I know they will last a lifetime.

We will miss you after we move to Atlanta but we wish you all the best!


The Douglas Family





Thank you for being an amazing part of our family ....


Dear Elvie and Joel

Thank you so much for being such an amazing wonderful part of our familys' lives. Each of our girls are so Happy in your care. Over the year they have grown so much and learned so many new things. You both have taken such great care of our litte ones and for that we are forever grateful.

Lots of Love,

Jason and Dalia





Consistent Cleanliness and Academic Performance ....


It gives me immense pleasure in recommending Elvie and Joel's As I Grow Daycare to everyone.

My husband and I began bringing our son, at the age of eight months. They have shown a great deal of love and care four days a week, for the last year-and-a-half.

I wish to place on record, the consistent cleanliness and brilliant academic performance that As I Grow Daycare has shown. This service alone is very pleasing and reassuring to our family.

Our son's performance overall aptitude and learning skills are showing everyday. He is more inquisitive and confident, basically a happy toddler when he comes back from school, as he calls it.

I will recommend As I Grow Daycare to friends and family in the years to come. We plan on having another child in the near future and we will be coming back.

Warmest Regards

Eric and Amy





You make us feel comfortable....


Thank you so much for all that you do! We are so happy to have found you guys. You make us feel so comforrable and welcome and we know our son loves it there :)

With Love,

Shani & Clint





Thank you for opening you doors ....


Thank you for opening you doors and your hearts for our daughter. She has grown and thrived in your care. Although we are sad she has to leave, we know that she will succeed in preschool because of the great start she had at As I Grow!


Keith and Jayme





Thank you for taking such great care of our boys ....


Thank you for taking such great care of our boys. It is so much easier knowing they're in such a loving, fun environment.

Ben and Kerri




Thank you so much for all you have done ....

Thank you so much for all you have done, taking care of Dillon. We have all enjoyed his time with you-especially Dillon. We are sad that it is coming to an end. We will keep in touch.

Thank you!

With Love and Gratitude,

Scott, Hallie, Dillon and Kennedy





Loving Daycare for Little Ones ....


This is a loving daycare center for the liitle ones. My son just loves being there and it is very clean and neat. The kids really have a good learning experience. I do not think you will find a more loving place for your kids than here.

Oby Douglas





They are incredible with the kids ....


I am impressed! I just moved here and was VERY hesitant about putting my child in a home-daycare, but I was very impressed by this husband-wife run daycare. They are incredible with the kids! My one-year old LOVES it there....2 meals a day, plus snacks provided, which makes it REALLY easy on parents. They have a really great program, I would recommend to anyone!

Lee Levy




Ensures a Safe and Loving Environment ....

Our 3 year old twin boys have been attending school at As I Grow Daycare for over a year and a half and have loved the school. The school has a wonderful program and ensures a safe and loving environment. One-on- one attention is given and the students learn many important life lessons every day. We're so glad our children have had the experiences they've had at this school. We feel very confident that it's one of the best daycare centers available.






The wonderfully fun and nurturing husband and wife duo that run it ....


I cannot say enough positive things about this daycare. Elvie and Joel, the wonderfully fun and nurturing husband and wife duo that run it, along with their helper make all the children feel safe and loved. Often my son is so happily engaged with his daycare friends, I have to pry him away to come home!!!






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