Most Frequently Asked Questions

 Daily activities and schedule

1. What time can I drop my child off?

Our hours of operation is from 7:30am-5:30pm. It is best to keep the same schedule for your child, so we recommed at or before 8:30am, that is what time breakfast is served until.



2. What is the latest time that I can pick up my child?

We close at 5:30pm, but we also offer Extended Care for parents that work later. Ask us for pricing.



3. Are meals and snacks provided? What it my child has allergies to certain foods?

We do serve Breakfast and Lunch and have snacks in between. If your child has allergies, let us know so we could make note so we could keep in mind when preparing meals. If you would like to bring special food for him/her that is an option as well. (Exp: Special Milk or Cheese)



4. Are nap times provided and what if my child can't sleep?

Nap times are required by state requirements. If your child has challenges sleeping and even with his/her special toy or blanket. Then he/she could just lay on their mat and rest.



5. During Summer time and Winter time is the cirriculum the same?

We have a different activities scheduled for different times of the year. During Summer, we do lots of water play and out door activities wheather permitting.



6. Is there an education curriculum?

We follow a preschool curriculum, but teach it through our Proprietary Teaching Technology called, "Free-Flow Learning". (TM)



7. What activities will be available for my child?

All activities will be available for your child to do partake, from puzzles to building blocks, dress-up, singing and dancing, circle-time and arts and crafts.



8. Do you take the children out during the hot summer?

Yes, we take the children out during summer in shorter intervals than normal. We check the weather in advance everyday. We do lots of water play and take walks in the neighborhood. We do ask that you apply sun tan lotion to your child before he/she comes to daycare to protect them from the UV.





1. Do you have an outdoor playground?

Yes, we do. We have a sandbox that fits up to 12 children as well as artificial grass under our play houses, slides and cars along with a large chest filled with balls and other outdoor play toys. 


2. Is it a private setting or can anyone reach over the fence and grab the children?

Safety is our biggest conserns. We have a private play area in the back that is kept latched and there is always someone watching the children at all times. We also have a fenced in front area as well as perimeter video surveillance, to detour anyone from entering.


3. Are there personal cribs for each infant?

Each infant has their own crib, which is used until they transition into the toddlers room.


4. Are there separate sleeping rooms for each age group?

Yes, Infants in one room and toddlers and little tykes in the other.


5. Is there air conditioning and heating?

Yes, we have air conditioning units and ceiling fans in each room as well as heaters, so we could control the room temperature easily.


6. Does the daycare facility contain safety latches to keep children out of cabinets and rooms?

Yes, we have all the appropriate latches and knob safety devices as well as fire extinguishers and carbonmonoxide detectors. Safety is our main concern.




Safety and illness

1. Is there a safety plan in place in case of an emergency?

Yes, we have a safety plan in place hanging on the wall in case of an emergency as well as all parents phone numbers in our phones and on a emergency sheet.


2. What is your sick policy?

All this is in our HandBook. Please review that section of our website.


3. What do I do if my child becomes sick at daycare?

We will take his/her temperature then contact you if there is a fever, vomiting or excessive diarrhea. We will then separate him/her from the rest of the students by laying them down on their mat or crib and make them as comfortable as possible until you arrive.


4. What is your policy for handling falls or incidents?

All accidents that require icing, bandage or cleaning will be put in an accident report and you will be notified and given a copy.


5. Immunizations?

If you have immunizations then we need your most recent documentation on file and updated accordingly. 


6. How do you discipline the children?

Redirection and Explanation.. talk to the child at their level and explain how to share and act nice with our friends. All this is in our HandBook. Please review that section of our website.


7. Are there restrictions on who may pick up my child?

We will only release your child to the persons mentioned on the pickup list. When that person is picking up for the first time we will always do carseat inspection as well as identification. If you look in our HandBook there is a section on this subject as well.


8. Is there an Emergency Plan in place in case of a disaster?

Yes, we have a safety plan in place hanging on the wall.  Our goal is for the safety of the children. Once we have establised that the children are safe, we will start contacting the parents, we have all the phone numbers in our phones and on a emergency sheet.

9. What is your Discipline Policy?

If the child hits, pushes or grabs from another, this is expected since this is the age of learning social interaction with one another. If the child continues to hit, push or grab, we get down to there height level and talk to them eye to eye and explain why they should be nice to their friends. If the child continues then we will redirect them to play with another child or play with something else. If they continue then we will offer them a book to read for a couple of minutes to relax and then let them go play again and monitor. 



Staff Training and Facility Licensing

 1. Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by the State of California and Accredited (Daycare Certified). #197411823


2. How long has your facility been providing daycare?

We have been in business since 2004.


3. What is the caregiver to child ratio?

We actually have more caregivers than what the state requirement is, so we could offer more individualized attention.


4. Are teachers trained in First Aid and CPR?

Yes, Staff is both CPR and First Aid Trained and Certified for both adults and Infants.


5. What is your staff turnover?

No staff turnover we are the owners and our assistant has been with us for over 7 years.


6. Are background checks and TB test completed on all staff members?

Yes, livescan background check (50 state background check) is done on all employees as well as TB test. State Licensing Approved and has it on file. 




Registration and fees

1. How do I register my child?

After taking a tour of our Daycare Facility and meeting with us, we talk about what your needs are and address any of your concerns, then there is an enrollment package that needs to be completed.

2. What age do you take infants?

We take infants from 4 months of age. We are limited to only 3 infants at a time, so we usually have a waiting list. It always pays to fill-out an application because sometimes people at the top of the list situation changes and they need the care sooner and go somewhere else. 


4. Is there a registration fee?

We have a 2 week deposit that holds the space for your child. It is based on your childs schedule wheher he/she is full or part-time. This desposit is used for the last 2 weeks your child is in our care. We will apply this deposit with 4 week written notice given.


5. Do you have testimonials or a list of references that I can call?

All this is in Testimonials. Please review that section of our website.


6. I only need childcare for 1 or 2 days of the week. Is that possible or do you need to go part-time?

We have a limited number of spaces available and since we are a daycare and not a school we need to fill every day. Part-Time is 3 days a week, if you only need 2 days a week you would have to go part-time, but you have the additional day if you need it. Your tuition covers blocks of days, specifically designated for your child. We dont offer pay as you go or by the hour. We also dont do drop-off because we dont know the children and they can be sick or have behavioral issues, We do our best to maintain the safest and healthiest enviornment for the children.


7. If my child attends daycare part-time, do I need a set schedule?

Our hours are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. We have meals, activities and circle time at certain times throughout the day. Getting your child on a schedule as an infant or toddler is a good thing. It also prepares them for kindergarten when they get older.


8. I am pregnant. How do I reserve a space for my infant?

First thing would be to make an appointment with out Daycare and take a tour. If we both agree that it would be a good match, then we would give you an enrollment package to fill-out and return. Then we would put you on our infant waiting list. We always offer our spaces on a first come first serve basis, so whomever truns in the application package first, will be called at the first opening. We are limited on the amount of infants we take.


9. Fees and Rates?

We like the old fashion method of personal service and don't quote any prices over email or text. First we need to see if we are the best match for what your looking for. Then we are happy to give you our tuition rates.

(we dont accept CCRC)

10. How long have you been in business?

As of 2017 we have been in business 14 years.