Our Philosophy

As I Grow daycare emphasizes the need to have an environment as well as a learning experience that is designed for the individual child's needs and also allowing the child to become involved in activities he finds to be intriguing. Our particular daycare philosophy creates an environment which provides the child the freedom to explore whatever he desires within reason and to constantly experiment during his stay at the center.


It has been observed that a child can develop and learn best by being involved in playful activities. While being involved in fun activities a child is often put into a position to make choices, solve problems and discover his level of competence.

We believe that a strong family relationship is the backbone to a happy secure child. And, also believe children learn through play and appreciate an established routine.


Our Mission Statement

We provide a safe, clean, loving, happy & healthy home-style/family environment, where children can grow physically, emotionally & socially at their own pace.


We love to play, and play to learn.

We feel your child will benefit greatly from gently structured and non-structured activities. Throughout the day, the children play individually and together. Toys and equipment are age-appropriate and all activities are supervised. We provide plenty of attention, appropriate affection, and personal care as necessary. Meals & Snacks are healthy, good portions, and served in a family like environment.


Our Mission is to be the Best Daycare in the San Fernando Valley and the model for all others to follow.