Our Daily Activities

As I Grow Daycare does maintain a schedule on a regular basis, but within that schedule, we encourage the children and give them the freedom to explore during the day. This makes everyday for the children unique and adventurous.


We take photos of the children throughout the week and upload them to our site regularly. Each child has their own private folder that only their parents could access through a password. Parents appreciate the opportunity to see their children interacting with others in a social surrounding.


Here are some of the activities that we offer:

Books, stories, songs and nursery rhymes to enhance the childrens literacy. In the main room we have a peaceful area for the children to read and we have an abundance of childrens books that are displayed and rotated on a regular basis. 


We change out the books when they get torn as well as on a regular basis so the children always have something new.


Lego (large pieces for the children), puzzles and board games for the various age groups, foam blocks, train sets, cars and tunnel table.


Drawing, painting and coloring, play dough and a large variety of materials to enhance the childrens creativity and fine motor skills. Plenty of paper to draw and  practice write on. We also like to collect leaves and other items when we go for our regular walks and use them in our art projects.


Dramatic play and dress-up to enhance the childrens wonderful imagination.


Outdoor play for the large motor skills: slide, climbing, balls, trikes and ride-on-cars and a very large sandpit with plenty of sandpit toys. (all age appropriate)


We also have walkers for the little ones to help them learn balance and it gives them confidence to walk on their own.

During summer time we take daily walks as long as weather permits and we teach the children about planting seeds and watch our flowers grow.


We have games to that teach the alphabet, phonics in the form of flash cards. We also utilize today's technology and teach the children with educational videos that  they could sing and dance too.


Through our years of teaching the method of learning through play seems to work best. It gets the children completely involved   and learning comes naturally.


There is lots to do at As I Grow Daycare, making everyday Exciting & New.