Family Publications

International Online Family Magazines - Dedicated to helping parents find the information and support they need to best care for their children and themselves. Creative Child Online - A site based on the magazine for parents who wish to nurture their child's creativity. Site contains subscription information, articles, craft projects, and hundreds of creative toy awards. The Dabbling Mum - Offers free drawings in party supplies, the Cyber Scavenger Hunt, and a free newsletter. Family and Home Network - Supports and encourages mothers and fathers who choose to forgo or cut back on paid employment to be home with their children. Publisher of Welcome Home Magazine. Family Times Publications - Family oriented publication dealing with issues concerning babies through seniors. Good resource for local and national events. - Parenting advice, articles, forums and craft ideas. Familyrapp - A Parents' Magazine - A one-stop reference point for parents: informative parenting articles and directories of days out, family holidays, book reviews, drug information, education, recipes, health and shopping with many links. FamilyTLC - Provides caring adults with age-appropriate, fun, learning activities to do with children. Includes parenting articles and parent/child dialogues. From Birth to Puberty - For parents of young children. A practical guide to the parenting skills you need to help your child develop a healthy sexuality. Green Parenting - Chronicles one family's attempts at becoming "greener." How To Have Amazing Kids - A parenting book on raising kids to have character and respect. Informed Parent - A monthly online magazine which addresses the areas of pediatrics, child-care, and issues relevant to today's parents. InnerSelf Magazine - Parenting - Articles discuss many different aspects of parenting, including how to start a child out right in life. Provides practical tools as well as inspiration. Inspired Parenting - With a focus on mind-body approaches for the whole child, including support for children's physical health, emotions, and mental and spiritual development. Baby and Nursery Magazine - Find articles on parenting, daycare, family health, infant and baby safety, daycare, and baby shower games. Junior - Junior magazine, for parents of children aged 0-8 years Marilyn Heins, Ph.D., FAAP - Parenting skills, strategies, common sense advice to balance the needs of both parents and children. Mom Recommended - Parenting articles, newsletters and message boards with activities, travel tips, baby names, daycare and healthy eating information. Mother and Baby Magazine - UK parenting magazine, with all the advice you need for trying for a baby, pregnancy, labour, birth, babies and toddlers. Meet other mums on our message boards plus great freebies and competitions. Mothering Magazine - The Natural Family Living Magazine Neurolearning Library - The Drs. Eide share a library of free articles about learning and learning differences, teaching tips, ADD, gifted children, dyslexia, reading and writing problems, auditory processing, sensory integration, autism, brain research and education. Palmer Press - Normal child-rearing, and behaviour problems are things that this site has material on. The Parenting Weblog - Dr. Mitchell Cohn aims to educate readers about issues for progressive parents with articles and commentary. - Provides magazine articles, newsletters, pregnancy, health, and baby information, advice, polls, contests, and message boards. Positive Parenting Publications - A UK based charity providing parenting resources to support families around the world. Preemie Parenting Resources - Offers resources for parents of preemies, including: birth stories, medical causes of prematurity, support groups, medical complications and special needs. Seminars for Parenting and Living with Children - Offers an online parenting advice column and ideas on how to live with children. Sharon K. Weiss, M.Ed. - Promotes the author's book, From Chaos to Calm, with parenting tips, and the introduction to the book, links, and suggested reading material. Shasta Parent Magazine - Provides parents with reliable information that nurtures and inspires the joy of parenting. Springboard Magazine - Springboard magazine is an online educational magazine for children 3-9 years of age. Offers educational games to learn math and language, science experiments and essays, stories with audio, art and craft projects, coloring pages and general knowledge. The Successful Parent - A newsletter featuring parenting skills, child psychology, child development, and all areas of the parent child relationship. Wee Ones Magazine - A children and parenting magazine for parents and kids.