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The Enrollment Process:


  • Our enrollment process first begins with viewing our website and seeing if our daycare would be a good match to what your looking for. Most all of your questions could be answered by clicking here Q & A or on the tab above. 

  • Next you would need to give us a call at: 818.288.7563 to schedule an appointment to see our facilities in person and meet with us.

  • Then we would give you a tour of our facility and we will be happy to address any additonal questions you may have.

  • After you receive the tour of our Daycare, you can download our application right from our site. (Enrollment Forms) Make sure you fill it out and return it as soon as you can.

We do have a waiting list and we fill the spaces on a first come first serve basis, so whomever turns in the applications first, they are at the top of our list.


You may also email us questions prior to our appointment, just go to the, "Contact Us", tab at the top of the page and submit all your questions.


We truly look forwards to meeting you in person and showing you our Daycare.



Elvie & Joel

As I Grow Daycare

Enrollment Process