Best Questions to Ask

Daily activities and schedule.


1. What time can I drop my child off?

2. What is the latest time that I can pick up my child?

3. Are meals and snacks provided? What it my child has allergies to certain foods?

4. Are nap times provided and what if my child can't sleep?

5. During Summer time and Winter time is the cirriculum the same?

6. Is there an education curriculum?

7. What activities will be available for my child?

8. Do you take the children out during the hot summer?





1. Do you have an outdoor playground?

2. Is it a private setting or can anyone reach over the fence and grab the children?

3. Are there personal cribs for each infant?

4. Are there separate rooms for each age group?

5. Is there air conditioning and heating?

6. Does the daycare facility contain safety latches to keep children out of cabinets and rooms?




1. Can I visit the facility without an appointment?

2. Is there communication about what my child did during the day?



Safety and illness


1. Is there a safety plan in place in case of an emergency?

2. What is your sick policy?

3. What do I do if my child becomes sick at daycare?

4. What is your policy for handling falls or incidents?

5. Are immunizations required?

6. How do you discipline the children?

7. Are there restrictions on who may pick up my child?

8. Is there an Emergency Plan in place in case of a disaster?



Staff training and facility licensing


1. Are you licensed and accredited?·

2. How long has your facility been providing daycare?

3. What is the caregiver to child ratio?

4. Does your staff have training in early childhood development?

5. Are teachers trained in First Aid and CPR?

6. What is your staff turnover?

7. Are background checks and TB test completed on all staff members?



Registration and fees


1. How do I register my child?

2. Is there a waiting list?

3. What are your daycare fees?

4. Is there a registration fee?

3. Do you have testimonials or a list of references that I can call?

4. I only need childcare 2 days of the week. Is that possible or do I need to go part-time?

5. If my child attends daycare part-time, do I need a set schedule?

6. How does tuition work during sickness, vacations and holidays?

7. I am pregnant. How do I reserve a space for my infant?